SIA holds regular events including client seminars, training, executive briefings and theme tours to share with clients our up-to-date research findings, methodologies and resources.  We are keen to help clients on knowledge sharing, internal capacity building, business networking and deal facilitation.  SIA Events can take place in forms of:


Client Seminar

SIA holds regular seminars to share with clients our recent research findings. SIA staff will make presentations on SIA selected topics and answer clients’ questions. A typical client seminar runs half a day and is usually free-of-charge to our clients and invited guests.



SIA conducts training sessions for clients on a wide range of topics. We share our insight, analytical framework, methodology and research/consulting processes with our clients to help build capacity and deepen understanding about specific topics. Training content and schedule are usually proposed by SIA but we try to accommodate client needs. The training could last from half a day to a couple of weeks. Speakers could include both SIA staff and external experts from industry, governments and international organizations. SIA training can be either a part of subscription/retainer service package or a stand-alone consulting engagement.


Executive Briefing

SIA conducts executive briefings on client selected topics. The briefings are usually paid workshops based on custom-made scope of work provided by client.


Theme Tour

We also organize theme tours in China or overseas as per client’s request. SIA provides a pre-visit summary on market and policy background, competitive landscape, and a snapshot profile for each company to be visited.